Friday gin tasting

It’s Friday night, outside it’s cold and raining, perfect Melbourne night to stay home and… drink!! Deltoro team is testing today a new range of premium gin from an artisan producer in Cantabria, Spain – Siderit. Paired with the best gastronomy Spain has to offer – Jamon Bellota, Berberechos, Anchoas, Sardinas, Quesos and more… Deltoro […]


DELTORO tries to deal as much as possible with ORGANIC FARMS AND PRODUCERS. Our products are animal free-cruelty therefore products such as SPANISH JAMON IBERICO, comes from FREE RANGE pigs Organic farming is the production of food without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified components is better for the environment and more sustainable.  DELTORO we believe that […]


Hi!! After a long journey getting experience in all fields related to the food industry, we decided to step up and create DELTORO PTY LTD. DELTORO is a project where we trade with food in a different way… We have a vast range of products carefully chosen after making sure the production is fair trade and […]